April 9, 2024

How To Trust & Respect Yourself



Career transitions can be tricky to navigate. It’s easy to fall into traps of self-doubt, anxiety, and vulnerability and the notion that one “wrong” decision will drastically hurt the rest of our career. While we acknowledge that those fears are natural and fair, we also believe that you can mitigate their impact by learning to trust yourself and your intuition.

During our panel, sales leaders, April Manning and Amanda Georgoff (Salesloft) shared tips for finding the confidence to be yourself and to do what you want in your career.


Budgeting time for yourself to reflect, acknowledge what you're feeling, and process those emotions forces you to pause, which makes introspection so much easier. Confidence and strength can be drawn when you are honest with yourself and when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, but you have to allocate time for those self-conversations to actually get value out of them.

Hiding in what's comfortable will make you complacent.

Lean into your curiosity and don't be afraid to challenge yourself by trying and learning new things. It’s easy to stay on a path that’s comfortable and do what you know, but you are limiting yourself if you don’t go out there and challenge yourself. You shouldn’t let what you don’t know stop you.

Take the pressure off of yourself.

Nothing is truly permanent, so follow your gut. Whatever you learn in the process will make any decision worthwhile, so don’t be afraid to try things.

You are exactly where you are meant to be, so trust yourself that you have and are making the right choices for your career. Tap into whatever brings you joy and focus on achieving it. Lastly, be kind and compassionate to yourself as you are to those around you.

Want to learn more? You can stream the full event recording here.

Thank you to all of the WISE partners for making this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.