WISE Member of the Month: March 2024



Each month, WISE selects a member of the community to share their sales knowledge and story. We are excited to announce Kait Jack as our March 2024 Member of the Month! She joined the WISE community in 2023.

Favorite part of WISE Membership?

I have always loved connecting with, learning from, and lifting up other women, especially those who "get" the challenges of identifying as female in today's corporate America.

The power of WISE is in both its membership and its reach -- where else can you connect with women who are united in their pursuit of sales career success, who applaud when you achieve your goals, and who pick you up after a tough day?

What is your management philosophy?

First, I assume positive intent. In all my years as a people manager, I have yet to come across an employee who wakes up in the morning thinking, "hmm, I wonder how I can really screw up today?" Everyone is going through something, all the time. By approaching each interaction, and especially those with a direct report, with grace and empathy, you're setting the tone for a mutually productive conversation and relationship.

Second, I never assume I know best: the beauty of teams is in their diversity of thought -- I may (and often do!) have an opinion on the best approach to a problem, but in my experience the best solutions have come from discussion and healthy disagreement.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

My personal bucket list revolves mostly around world travel (Scandinavia and Japan are up next), and a dream to retire early - and on water!

Professionally, I plan to continue to build on my passion for all things enablement, especially building out the function at Prophecy and ultimately earning a senior leadership role. I also place a high priority on mentoring others, especially young women in the technology space, and plan to continue that work (even after my early retirement!).

Join Kait and the WISE Community to utilize all the WISE membership benefits to push your career to the next level by applying here.