Professional Development
February 21, 2024

Where to find reliable salary information

Finding reliable resources around compensation can be challenging, especially in today’s rapidly changing job market. Whether you are preparing for your next opportunity or looking forward to a promotion, researching compensation data can provide valuable insights.

Here are some of our favorite resources for viewing compensation and salary information.

Glassdoor is a great platform for starting your research and getting a quick overview of what to expect from various career paths. Its salary estimates are generated using data from millions of employees and third-party sources.

Where to find reliable salary information

  • Salary Calculator - Input your current or desired job title and location to see updated salary estimates. This feature is great for salary negotiation conversations, as you can add years of experience and industry!
  • Career Path - If you aren’t sure about your future career track, this feature shows common paths based on job title and experience.

Built In is one of the most trusted resources for those working in tech. Its salary database uses average compensation information from US-based tech companies and startups.

Feature worth mentioning:

  • Tech Hubs - If you are in a large tech hub like Austin or San Francisco, this feature allows you to hone in on location-specific compensation numbers. You can even view recently submitted salaries for various positions.

Blind is a professional community focused on pay transparency and change in the workplace. Its salary calculator uses real-time data submitted by verified employers to help you analyze and compare compensation ranges for similar roles.

Feature worth mentioning:

  • Salary Comparison Tool - Are you interested in companies like Amazon and Microsoft? This tool allows you to see compensation breakdowns for big tech, down to the yearly bonus and stock options.

RepVue provides unbiased salary information for top sales roles. The platform collects data directly from employees, with an emphasis on B2B sales organizations.

Features worth mentioning:

  • Account Executives by Market - While most salary tools lump all AE positions together, RepVue allows you to select SMB, Mid Market, Enterprise, Strategic, and even Public Sector so that you can get the most accurate data.
  • Quota Attainment - View the percentage of quota attainment over the past 12 months by role.

CloserIQ is one of the world’s largest recruitment and search firms, specializing in modern sales and engineering talent. Its bi-annual State of Tech Hiring & Compensation reports on how venture-backed startups compensate talent.

Feature worth mentioning:

  • Actual Placements - If you are looking for detailed salary information, this report includes recently accepted offers for top sales and tech roles. You can compare base salary and on-target earnings in relation to years of experience and the startup stage.

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