The Long Game: building trust and nurturing prospects



Prospects are the lifeblood of any salesperson. Ensuring you’re working with the right stakeholders who will get the deals over the line requires strategy and perseverance. 

In our panel discussion "The Long Game" our panelists Gina Geen (Axonius), Marta Leja (Handshake) and Katie Capuzzo (WISE) shared ways on finding and nurturing sales prospects. 

Here are some key takeaways to guide you in your professional journey.

Is your contact a coach or a champion? 

While coaches can advise and provide good information, a champion has the power to actually get a deal over the line. You’ll save yourself time by understanding if your customer is the actual decision maker or not. Try asking questions like “Have you done this before?” or “Are you the approver to get this deal done?” If not, educate them on why it’s important to get the decision maker in the room and create a strategy together to do just that.

Work together to get the deal unstuck. 

Speaking of champions, it’s helpful to have a meeting between your company’s executive champion and the customer’s to ensure mutual commitment to the deal. In doing this, you’re also cementing the partnership and committing to be a resource even after the purchase is complete.

An email to “check-in” will not benefit your pipeline. 

Deals take time to close and during the in-between you can provide value by sharing market insights and trends. Be a thought leader and strive for meaningful touch points. If you’re struggling to manage your priorities, try the Eisenhower Matrix and stick to your time blocks!

Understand your why. 

Whether you decide to build a career as an IC or choose to go into management, knowing your why helps center you. The thrill of closing and earning potential are common likes for Account Executives, while managers gravitate toward building relationships and celebrating wins through their team.

Like success, finding people who can help you close deals does not happen overnight. It requires your commitment to build and nurture relationships that will help you achieve your goals.

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