Sales Skills
April 10, 2024

Selling during an economic slowdown



Selling in today’s market can be tough especially as organizations continue to make difficult decisions. Sales people are being met with rejection in the face of budget cuts, hiring freezes, and continual layoffs.  When everything is uncertain, how can you keep your sales momentum?

Our panelists Jessica Crytzer (LimaCharlie), Alex Adamson (CloserIQ), shared some tactical tips for selling in tough times and staying motivated to meet your goals.

Be intentional about your ideal customer profile (ICP).

Now more than ever, it's extremely important to be intentional about how you define your customer, who you reach out to, and how your product or services can provide value to their organization. Narrow your focus, then learn as much as you can from the individuals you get on the phone. By finding ways to connect with the right people in a natural way, the more you will be a part of the conversation and top of mind for future decisions.

Do the small things correctly.

When times are crazy busy and sales are going through the roof, it can be difficult to focus on providing tactical education and training for your sellers. Use this time to go back to the basics, tighten up your messaging, and ensure you're making the most of every conversation. You can do this by leaning on your Sales Enablement teams, as they can identify the gaps and provide solutions for improvement.

Shift your discovery.

Rather than asking how you can help them with immediate needs, ask them what their plans are for growth and how you can help them get there. Especially now, approaching the end of the year, leadership has already begun making plans for next year. Finally, make sure you never end a call without scheduling another; this best practice will help keep a warm lead from going cold.

The unknown can be daunting, but it should not stop you from making use of this time to recalibrate your sales skills, learn more about your customers and their industry, and understand the uniqueness of your solutions. With this combination, you can better craft a value proposition for your customers, no matter what the market condition is. Most importantly, you must be empathetic and forge a lasting relationship with your customers so you are top of mind when the markets bounce back.

Want to learn more? You can stream the full event recording here.

Thank you to all of the WISE partners for making this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.