Sales Skills
February 21, 2024

Season of Selling: EOY Sprint

Between holiday festivities and the rush to wrap up Q4 objectives, end of year can feel like the Super Bowl with celebratory confetti falling like competing priorities.

In our panel discussion “Season of Selling: EOY Sprint,” Gina Geen (Axonius), Sarah Collin (Pendo), Leah Metz (PagerDuty), and Katie Capuzzo (WISE), help narrow the focus for what’s important by sharing ways to make the most of your current pipeline and strategies for building upon it into the new year.

Here are some key takeaways to guide you in your professional journey.

You get delegated to who you sound like.

Tempting as it may be to lean into platform usage, you should instead tailor your messaging around the business impact for that individual. What do they care about and how will your product solve their specific pain points? To prepare for this, listen to earnings calls, utilize LinkedIn, attend conferences and ask for in-person lunches/coffees when able.

Invest in the relationship.

Before making withdrawals, it's crucial to establish a strong multi-threaded relationship with key stakeholders by making deposits (adding value). Your execs, CSM/AM, and yourself should be on a texting basis with your champions so the buck doesn't stop if one person is unreachable.

Create a mutual action plan.

Pull up the calendar in advance and work with your champion to understand the schedules of all key players. With holiday plans and OOO, you can put a big "X" on 60% of days so getting ahead of any surprises with legal, procurement, signer, etc. will keep you from last-minute scrambles.

Season of celebrating.

In tough selling cycles, it's important to acknowledge the difficulty and celebrate the small wins. Focus on what you can control by putting out positive sales karma and learning from each other. Coworker finally got a response after months of follow-up? Kudos! Now learn what research was done, what messaging was used, what prompt was put into ChatGPT and so on.

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. So do your future self a favor and cement those customer relations early by expanding your reach, aligning on schedules and being intentional with asks.

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Thank you to all of the WISE partners for making this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.