Diversity and Inclusion
February 26, 2024

Promoting Diversity and Women in Sales at Coyote Logistics

Coyote Logistics is at the forefront of the logistics and freight industry. Not just for its operations but also for nurturing a culture of inclusion and diversity. Associated with equity, transparency, and creativity, they are committed to pushing boundaries.

Driving Global and Cultural Progress

Coyote Logistics recognizes the importance of evolving their company culture to drive global progress. They adhere to the principle, "To move our world forward, we must continue to move our culture forward." This mindset has helped them cultivate a workplace that celebrates the unique perspectives, experiences, and talents of their employees, customers, and suppliers.

For Coyote, embracing diversity means creating an environment where everyone feels empowered to be authentic at work. This fosters innovative ideas and solutions through the inclusion of diverse thoughts and perspectives.

Empowering Women in Sales: The Coyote Way

The Coyote Logistics team demonstrates their commitment to supporting women in sales through their actions, not just words. They joined the WISE community as a Team partner earlier this year, exemplifying their dedication to championing women in sales. Their members wasted no time plugging into the community and utilizing the various benefits WISE has to offer. This collaboration represents their proactive efforts to provide female sellers with the best resources and platforms for success.

Further support comes from the Coyote Women's Alliance (CWA), a beacon of empowerment for women in the organization. With over 200 members, the CWA is not just a group but a community. They regularly host events with guest speakers discussing key topics from career progression to the broader role of women in sales.

[Pictured: The Coyote Women's Alliance]

Coyote also recognizes the importance of acknowledging their talented female leaders. Their industry accolades, like the Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s Women in Supply Chain Award, highlight their commitment to celebrating female excellence.

Exploring the World of Logistics with Coyote

With everything mentioned above, can you believe that Coyote Logistics has time to ship freight for over 15,000 valued customers worldwide? #themoreyouknow

WISE is proud to call Coyote Logistics a true partner. Their mission is not just to redefine the logistics landscape but also to set new standards in promoting diversity and supporting women in sales.

Learn more about our partnership with Coyote Logistics here.

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