Negotiate with Confidence: The Power of Advocating for Yourself



Negotiating an offer, a promotion, or a salary raise can be quite tricky, but you can use what you know as a salesperson to your advantage. 

In our panel discussion "Negotiate with Confidence" our panelists Tynise Moore (Donaldson), Angela Hooper (Prophecy), and Katie Capuzzo (WISE) shared ways you can advocate for yourself during negotiation conversations.

Here are some key takeaways to guide you in your professional journey.

You know how to negotiate.

As a seller, you're likely already negotiating with customers and contracts regularly. Use what you know and apply it to offer and promotion conversations. Do thorough discovery so you understand the decision criteria, compensation ranges available, and what truly matters to you. Check out Negotiating the Impossible by Deepak Malhotra

Talking dollars and cents.

You don't have to give a specific dollar amount when asked for your compensation target during an interview. Either 1) State that your desired compensation falls within the range listed in the role posting, or 2) Ask for clarity on the range first if it isn't listed in the role posting. In the late stages of an interview process it may be tempting to use outside offers as leverage, but that can send mixed signals to the hiring manager, especially if there's misalignment in company stage and role type between opportunities. It's best to lead with interest for the role/company you're interviewing for and leave other offers for your own evaluation.

Evaluating an offer

On-target earnings (OTE) can be an exciting part of a salesperson's compensation package, but that money isn't real unless you achieve quota. It's important to ask the % of attainment across the sales team from previous quarters and have a solid understanding of how many are currently hitting their numbers.

Advocate for your promotion.

In order to ask for what you want/deserve, you need to know your story. Keep a running document or folder with wins and achievements, so you can approach the conversation with clear examples. Expectation-set with your manager so you know what you need to accomplish in order to get a promotion.

💡 Negotiation Ideas: sign-on bonus, additional PTO, education/professional development stipend, title change, hybrid flexibility

You have the skills and the knowledge to approach any negotiation conversations with confidence. No one can advocate better for you than yourself.

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Want to learn more? You can stream the full event recording here. Thank you to all of the WISE partners for making this event possible and our panelists for sharing their time and advice.