How to set goals and proceed with intention


Are you still stuck on your goal-setting for the new year? Whether you are contemplating what you want to do this year or in the next 5 to 10 years, setting intentional goals and steps to achieve those become easier if you think about the outcome that you want.

In our panel discussion “New Year: How to set goals and proceed with intention" our panelists, Taiana Melo (Introhive), Bethany Hogan (HolonIQ), and Katie Capuzzo (WISE), discussed ways to set and prioritize short and long-term goals, and how to make an impact throughout the year.

Here are some key takeaways to guide you in your professional journey.

Goal setting isn’t one size fits all.

There are times in life that require a strict 5-year plan, but other times will warrant nimbleness and flexibility when goal setting. Regardless of the phase you find yourself in, here are some strategies to help get you started:

  • Resilience Practice: Create a list of specific things you want to get done each day and stick with them. Examples: some form of activity, decreasing screen time in the evenings, ending the day with 3 wins.
  • Input, Output, Outcome: Start with the outcome you want to accomplish and reverse engineer from there. When accomplished, outputs eat away at the outcome and inputs are the actions taken to drive outcomes. Example: when you know the number of discovery calls that lead to active deals that lead to closed deals, you can be more precise when setting goals.
  • CAR Method: Spelled backward, this method can help align goals to values and act as a north star when external factors influence your plans throughout the year. R = results, A = attitude, C = creed (what you believe is possible).

New Year, new me?

Throughout your career, you may find yourself in a role as a result of managers nudging you in a particular direction. Though well-intentioned, this can result in you sidelining or altogether ignoring what you actually want to achieve in your career. Take control of your narrative and make decisions fundamentally driven by your personal goals and objectives.

Resource fatigue, it's a thing.  

Staying current on topics ranging from professional development to self-care to sales methodologies can be overwhelming. Start by exploring topics that interest your customers. If you’re not interested in what’s important to your customers, it may be a sign to find what does excite you.

Whether you are setting a new goal or reinvigorating one, keep the end result in mind. There may be challenges in setting goals and sticking with them, but you have the power to steer your career path when you know where you want to be.

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